The war is here. Internationalism is to identify concretely what the positive outcome is for the proletariat, for humanity. The concrete watchword for millions of women and men today is: OUT POUTINE.

This is the meaning of the armed Ukrainian resistance. This is the meaning of the demonstrations and the courageous clandestine agitation that shudders Russia. Together with Putin, the Belarusian tyrant Lukashenko and the Kazakh tyrant Tokayev must be overthrown. Passive resistance, heroic demonstrations by women against the war, declarations by independent trade union leaders follow one another in Belarus, while strikes and pickets by workers and the unemployed continue in western Kazakhstan. OUT PUTIN!

This is the meaning of the demonstrations that are rising all over the world, as they had risen against the Vietnam War, against G. Bush bombing Iraq in 2003. Putin is threatening the world with the Bomb. OUT PUTIN!

It is necessary, in the international labor movement and in particular in Europe, to break a taboo: yes, we need weapons and we need fighters for Ukraine. Weapons for Territorial Defense units, International Brigades!

Expelling Putin and arming the Ukrainian fighters, this path should be that of any current claiming to proletarian revolution, which is not an abstraction but which is the living necessity of this 21st century of wars and revolutions, where the very survival of mankind.

Ousting Putin and arming Ukrainian fighters is obviously not what North American and European leaders and NATO are looking for. What do they do ? They isolate the Ukrainian resistance with a circle of good words as their predecessors had isolated the Spanish and Catalan revolution of July 1936. On the other hand, they surround Russia with a commercial and financial sanitary cordon, devoting the broadest masses of the Russian people to misery. This is not helping Ukraine. Effective help is that of the peoples.

All those who immediately put an equal sign, in the Russian imperialist war of aggression against Ukraine, between Russia and NATO, are making a precondition of the fight against NATO or against « Western » imperialisms, they are not internationalists in action and run counter to true internationalism.

On the pretext of fighting the enemy primarily in their own country, they betray Karl Liebknecht by not fighting the world capitalist and imperialist system whose reactionary spearhead across the board is today called Putin. They cut the world struggle into slices and fall back into a false form of chauvinism claiming to see only « my enemy in my country ». The only road to the liquidation of NATO and all the imperialist military alliances is the struggle now to oust Putin through the joint action of the Ukrainian armed struggle, the Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh resistance, and the global mobilization of peoples.

This path leads to taking up again, at the dawn of the first quarter of the 21st century, the question of the strategic perspective of the United Socialist States of Europe and of the world, in forms appropriate to the present world, which must be discussed on the basis of the concrete internationalist struggle to oust Putin: free union of the sovereign peoples of East, West and South!

With its very small means, Aplutsoc has a method: that of a political center proposing an orientation posing the question of power, in our country and in each country, and working for the reconstruction of an internationalist revolutionary strategy. We are not a faction that calls to join it but a group that sounds the alarm and calls for discussion and action.

Step by step, the world has entered into permanent war, and a major milestone has just been reached. Putin is not threatening NATO or « the West », he is threatening the Ukrainian people with genocide, the Russian people with obscurity, and humanity with nuclear winter.

The task of the hour is to restore life and youth to the old battle cry: